• November 2018

Custom fields Create custom free text and multiple choice fields that apply to all contacts.
Update payment method Members can update their payment method for an existing subscription from their 'My account' page. This also allows members who do not currently pay by Direct Debit to set this up without changing their next payment date.
Import associations Connect people with organisations at the point of import.
Simpler joining process New members can join online without having to create a user account.


  • October 2018

Optional form fields Optionally turn off phone, and message fields to create simpler forms.
Address field on forms Optionally add address fields to forms.
Import into groups Specify multiple groups for when importing contacts into the database.
Recently deleted contacts Access a list of recently deleted contacts to permanently delete people.
Segments Create segments of people based on live updating criteria.
Organisations Create contact records for organisations and associate people with organisations.


  • September 2018

Page editing Various page editing tools have been collected into one edit screen making it easier to manage the various attributes of your website page content. The menu label has been moved back to the main content screen for quicker access.
Page layout The terminology and control of the different page layout options have been improved to make it more intuitive.
Create subpage shortcut Quickly add new subpages to any section of your website with a contextual link in the on-page edit bar.
Contacts UI The user interface for contacts has been refined to make it easier to manage information about people.


  • August 2018

Consent options Customise the communication consent options you make available on forms.
Cookie notice If you integrate with Google Analytics a notice will be displayed to all visitors asking them to accept the necessary cookie.
Primary email address The Primary email address for a contact must be unique within your database. This makes it easier to create user accounts and send email broadcasts without confusion.
Title field Contacts in the database can have a title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc...)
Address location Addresses can have a location name such as the name of an organisation or business.


  • July 2018

Page layout Instantly create a rich submenu on your overview page that will automatically display the Title, Introduction and Featured image for all subpages. The menu automatically sorts and updates when you change subpages so you never have to worry about editing content on your overview pages again.
Featured image on pages Featured images can be added to normal pages as an alternative to the Banner image. These are displayed in the title area and also in overview submenus.
Fit and fill options On all Featured image fields you can choose 'Fill to have your image cropped to fill the space or 'Fit' to ensure all your content will be displayed. The latter is good for logos or images with text.
Updated edit controls Tools for editing pages are now separated into 'Content' and 'Settings'. Controls that you might only edit occasionally are under 'Settings'.
Deprecated archive feature The Archive on Posts and Events has been removed.
Past events For events there is now a 'Past events' link at the bottom of the list of upcoming events.
Pagination On Posts, Events and Resources there is now standard pagination in place of the old archive functionality.
Theme borders Add stylised borders to the banner, footer and signposts
Theme variables Take more control over fonts, corner radii and choose a new 'wide' setting for the entire website
Create user account on import When importing contacts immediately create a user account for them


  • June 2018

Membership sign-up Members can join online through one simple form.
Membership payments Membership fees are taken by Direct Debit. Memberships can be annual or monthly and renew automatically until cancelled.
Restricted content Any page of content can be restricted to members only. Restricted standard pages do not show at all to non-members. Resources, posts, events and stories show a teaser to non-members to promote your membership scheme.


  • May 2018

Contact import Import people into the contact database from a CSV file.
Notes Make plain text notes on contacts.


  • April 2018

Introduction fields Posts, Events and Resources have a plain-text introduction field. If any text is present in this field then it is displayed in the teaser that is shown for the content on the respective list pages. If not then the first paragraph from the body is shown instead.
Export tools Export data from a variety of sources including form submissions, contacts, event attendees and donations.
Manage website administrators Create and remove website administration accounts that allow staff to log in and edit the website. 
Event promotion Choose which event is promoted to the homepage.


  • March 2018

Event booking Your visitors can now book tickets for your events directly on your website. You can create multiple ticket types with predefined availability. You can manage and view orders and attendees and take payments through your Stripe integration.
Homepage feeds Homepage feeds for built-in content types no longer show up if that content type has been deactivated, regardless of whether or not you still have content items in that list.
Subscriber opt-in feature On all built-in forms there is now a subscriber opt-in checkbox. Their consent to receive communications is recorded in the contacts database.
Feature management Integrations such as Twitter, Stripe, Google Analytics and Go Cardless can now be managed directly by administrators.
Contacts The database tab in the toolbar is now called 'Contacts'


  • January 2018

Logo size The logo can now be larger, useful if yours includes small text.
Feature font The full library of Google fonts is now available for use in headings, signposts and quotes.
Friendly URLs All page URLs now include the page title automatically.
Bug fixes Deleted items now don't show up in archives.
Selected categories have an active style.
Special characters cannot be used in category names.
The text editor has been updated.
Feature architecture Integrations such as Twitter, Stripe, Google Analytics and Go Cardless have been restructured to make it easier to manage, test and edit your settings for these features.


  • December 2017

Dated resources Add dates to your resources. Dated resources will show first and appear in date order.
Form submissions When someone fills in a form on your website, a new contact will be created in the database if one doesn't already exist.


  • November 2017

Contact groups Organise your contacts into groups. There's no limit to the number of groups you can create or the number of groups a contact can be added to.
Activity feed See a view of all the activity of a contact directly on their contact record page.
Password change Fixed an issue preventing some users from being able to update their password.


  • October 2017

New toolbar Access activity, database and settings directly from the main toolbar.
Stories feature Tell compelling stories about your work and easily promote them on your homepage.
Promoted resources Promote resources on your homepage. Your website automatically picks the best display format based on the number of resources promoted.
Signpost picker Get instant feedback on the signposts you've selected on a page.
Contact forms Create and manage website forms to gather people's details.