Why use a multi-tenant platform?

A multi-tenant, cloud-based platform shares functionality among multiple users. White Fuse is a multi-tenant platform and so are many other modern applications used by small charities like Mailchimp, JustGiving, Facebook and Twitter. This approach means the software is always improving, secure and actively managed by a dedicated company.

Websites built with single-tenant systems are more customisable but can easily go out of date, becoming insecure and unreliable. This older approach still works for large charities with more custom needs. By using multi-tenant technology, White Fuse gives small charities ongoing access to the latest improvements and updates without needing a technical in-house team and a large budget.

Why do I pay a monthly fee?

Running a website is continuous, not a one-off project. Your monthly subscription covers the technical running costs for the website including support, security, hosting and backups. It also covers the development of new functionality, available to all White Fuse customers. In the long run, this should save you money because your website stays fresh and modern for longer.

Can we edit the website ourselves?

Yes. White Fuse is built specifically for charities and includes all the content editing tools you need. Your staff team can make changes themselves anytime and anywhere meaning that you don’t have to rely on external people for day-to-day tasks.

Can we add unlimited pages?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of pages, posts, stories or resources you can create.

Can we add other users?

Yes. You can add as many other administrators as you want and they will have the same permissions as you. There is no extra charge for extra users.

What does support cover?

Since content changes can be done easily by charity staff, our expert support team can focus on helping you with technical, design and strategic questions to help you get the most out of White Fuse. We can offer assistance if new people join your team, fix problems and offer best-practice advice.

Will our data be secure and safe?

Yes. Because White Fuse is always up-to-date it is also more secure than many single-tenant websites. Security is dealt with centrally and you never have to apply additional security patches to your own website. White Fuse also has a range of tools to help you comply with data protection legislation (including the GDPR updates), for example ensuring consent is requested and is done on an opt-in rather than opt-out basis.

What is the ongoing contractual commitment?

With White Fuse, you pay monthly by Direct Debit. There are no annual contracts so you can cancel anytime. All your content and data remains yours and you can take it elsewhere at any time if you want to switch to a different platform.