A coherent charity brand identity is the cornerstone of all your communications.

We work closely with our small charity clients to help you find your voice, write for the web and bring consistency to your visual communications. We give you concise brand guidelines and all the graphical assets you need.


See examples of our branding work in these case studies:

Just a logo redesign

If you’re updating your website you may need to refresh your logo and colours without taking on a full-scale rebrand. We can modernise your logo and provide graphical assets for a fraction of the cost by not revisiting your core values and goals.

Find out more about charity logo design

Project direction

One of our directors will lead you through the multi-stage process of reviewing and refreshing your charity brand. We take time to understand your organisation, objectives and views of your stakeholders.

Creative concepts

Based on your criteria, we deliver a wide range of initial concepts exploring different facets of your charity’s character. In close collaboration with your stakeholders, we gather feedback and refine these concepts to a unified visual language that’s easy for you to implement in all your communications.

"White Fuse quickly understood who we are as a charity and how to portray us online. They guided us through various revisions, arriving at a future-proof brand identity."​ Oliver Monty - Social Investment Business


At the end of the process, we give you a concise set of visual guidelines including logo, colour, typography, photos and graphics. We will send all your graphical assets so you’ve always got the right logo variant, icon or illustration when you need it.