Calls to action on charity websites

This post explores how good calls to action make your charity website work harder for you. Start by asking yourself ‘what would it look like for my website to perform better?'

Choosing the right web font for your charity

When creating a new website, typography can easily be overlooked. We take a look at the importance of the now standard web-fonts tech and how to choose the best fonts for your charity website.

Email marketing for charities: how to get the best results

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for charities often yeilding higher conversion rates than wider reaching social media activity. Here are some tips to maximise your central email marketing tools.

5 great ways for charities to win with Instagram

No longer just an app for individuals, charities are getting on board too, connecting followers with their cause and reaching out to new people. Here's how you can make Instagram work for you.

7 Twitter tips for charities - how to write better tweets

Could your tweets be better? More engaging? More discoverable? More retweetable? Remind yourself of these 7 simple tips to writing a better tweet. Plus we've created an easy infographic to keep and share!

Charity pictures - 8 places to find FREE photos for your website

All you need to know about copyright, creative commons and the best places to find free images for your website.

Crowdfunding: A viable option for UK charities?

Explore the best crowdfunding platforms for charities. Many claim to be 'KickStarter for charities' but we discuss the best options and creative crowdfunding campaigns.

4 design principles of a modern website platform

The best modern web tools are simple and affordable. They are often dedicated to one clear task and don't offer limitless customisation. Do you think your website should be such a tool?

Best charity donation apps - our top 5 for mobile giving

In this post we explore our top charity apps that let people donate easily as part of day to day life. If you work for a charity you should check out our other post on the best productivity apps for charities .

4 initiatives that could change your charity donations

There's no dispute about the priority of donations in charity objectives. Methods however, are continually evolving and it's important to stay up to speed. This post highlights 4 initiatives that could impact your online donation process.

11 powerful integrations for your charity website

This guide takes you through the 11 most useful functions you can outsource from your website to web apps. Save time and money and stay agile.

Intranets for charities - do we need one?

Discover why you need an intranet and how to save thousands by getting the best intranet software for free (or close to free if you are a larger charity!).

Why we changed the way we build charity websites

We operated like every other website agency serving the charity sector, until we started challenging our assumptions. Co-founders George and Andy explain the process White Fuse has been on over the past year, and the resulting shift in the way we build websites.

8 things to include in your charity brand guidelines

Every organisation will have different needs, so the scope of brand guidelines can vary quite a lot depending on the audience they serve. Are they going to be used primarily by your comms team, your wider staff, or by professional designers? The best way to ensure your staff make good use of your guidelines is to only give them the information they actually need. Comprehensive and complicated guidelines can be overwhelming.

Here are our top tips, with examples from our own brand...

3 fonts created for good

We love bringing attention to digital technology being used for social change. But what about typography? In this post, Amy looks at how typography and fonts are being used innovatively for a good cause.

How to avoid gender discrimination: start with incentive structures

Gender discrimination in technology is rife. Andy shares how we have changed our pay incentive structures in light of this, and his suggestions for other small technology businesses to implement.

3 new YouTube ideas for your charity

YouTube is 10 years old. In this post we look at three new ways of campaigning on YouTube and share suggestions for how your charity can adopt them.

Best books on social entrepreneurship

Andy reviews his top business books relevant to social entrepreneurship and shares how they have impacted his thinking.

Your charity should only invest in LinkedIn If these six criteria apply

If you’re strapped for time and resources and already engaging on multiple social platforms, do you really need to use LinkedIn? Mary proposes six criteria to judge whether your charity should get involved.

10 projects using digital technology for social good

At White Fuse, we are constantly impressed by the sheer breadth of creative projects out there that use digital technology for social good. It’s exciting that there are so many initiatives using digital technology to bring about change, providing access to skills, knowledge, employment, health expertise and other services. We thought we’d share the top 10 examples we've come across through our work building charity websites ....