Website security for charities - Don't get hacked

A simple explanation of website security and a run down of what tpye of security provion you need on your charity website.

How to take payments through your charity website

Taking online payments is now a core requirement for most organisations. We look at different types of payments such as donations, event bookings, shops and subscriptions and recommend the right solutions for each.

Digital annual reports: why to produce them and how to get them done

The time has come to throw away the paper (by which we mean recycle). Digital annual reports have arrived! Digital Annual reports are a way for charities to spread their story with wider networks. This post gives four reasons why they're great and a bunch of tips about how to actually create them.

How To build a membership organisation website on a shoestring budget

Exploring the common online challenges facing membership organisations and solutions to help automate processes without spending lots of money.

Create an interactive map for your website

How to easily make or build an interactive map and add it to your website. We explore the pros and cons of various options.

How much should a charity website cost?

It's difficult for charities and nonprofits to know how much to budget for a website because costs can easily range from £0 to £100,000. This post explains what determines fees and gives examples of what you should expect to pay.

How to integrate Shopify with your charity website in 5 simple steps

If you're looking to simply sell items through your existing charity website then the Shopify ecommerce platform is a great, low cost solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

3 charity micro-sites to be inspired by

While the bulk of our work is developing organisations' main charity website , over this past year we’ve also designed and built several microsites. These are s eparate self-contained websites often used to feature campaigns or stories that would otherwise get lost amongst the other content in a standard website.

Get a free charity website: best website builders compared

Using a website building app to quickly create a simple website is a great option for small charities. Get a free charity website with one of the top website builders.

The 7 best productivity apps for charities - get more done!

Our pick of some of the best productivity apps for charities to help you save time managing your work and improve your efficiency.

Scrolling with purpose: and when it works for charities

The ascent of mobile browsing has encouraged a recent trend of relatively long pages and websites. Before following suit and creating a very long page, consider the pros and cons. In this post we will look at when long pages work well and how it can go wrong.

How to create content that achieves your charity website goals

The most important part of your website is your content. Follow our step by step guide on how to guide your users along journeys that lead to action.

How To commission a photo shoot for your charity

In this post Owen combines his experience as a photographer with that of building websites for charities to bring you a wealth of tips for how to commission a photographer and achieve the right sort of images for your website and other promotional material.

How to build an ebay charity shop network

In this post we explore how you can start to generate charity shop funds through eBay without setting up a physical high street presence.

Google Apps & Adwords - free for UK charities

The consolidated Google for Nonprofits scheme now also includes grants for advertising using Google Adwords (now called AdGrants). This free advertising was previously available separately under the Google Grants scheme.

Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits review (and how to get it for free)

Read our review of Microsoft's Office 365 productivity software, find out what it can do for your charity and how to get it for free.

5 great social media apps for charities

One of the ways to power up your social media activity is to integrate with apps that help automate common tasks. Lots of these apps (mostly free!) intergrate well with Twitter, and not only serve to make the lives of charity professionals easier, but increase their impact and influence.

6 fundraising widgets to improve your charity website

Many popular web services offer fundraising widgets to integrate with your charity website, so you can engage visitors without having to build custom functionality yourself. In this post we take a closer look at the best widgets to integrate with your charity website to help streamline your online presence and improve your fundraising prospects.

How telling your charity's story can strengthen engagement with your website

When we sit down with a client to discuss a new project, one of the key things we listen out for and integrate into the design and development of their website and digital strategy is their organisational story. This post contains 5 tips on how charities can integrate stories into their websites - with real world examples of this being put into practice.

Creating donation pages that work for your charity

If there is any page on your charity website to get right, the donation page is it. But it can be a challenging area because it’s not just about content but also about managing a transaction well.