Our 5 favourite charity Pinterest boards

Pinterest for charities

If you love images, you’ll love Pinterest. It’s really easy to use and is full of creative and imaginative suggestions for your charity or nonprofit ~ it also can easily end up being a big driver of traffic to your site if you are posting the right sort of things and can be a really useful channel for raising awarenes of your cause or campaign. Here are 5 brilliant examples of charities using pinterest really well - grab some inspiration and leave us a comment at the end to show us your own Pinterest boards...

Pinterest burst on the social media scene a while back and as of July 2013 has more than 70 million users. It’s most popular in the US, followed by Canada and the UK, and is increasingly becoming a tool for businesses, taking 41% of e-commerce traffic (compared to Facebook’s 37%).

Judging by news coverage you’d be forgiven for thinking Pinterest is not as much of a significant platform as Twitter or Facebook, but statistics suggest otherwise. Last year the pinning platform broke a world record by reaching 10 million unique views in nine months, and is the top channel for iPad with an almost 50% share of all social activity on tablets.*

(* If you use Pinterest as a charity ensure your donations platform has a great mobile website or you might miss out on donations)

Significantly for charities, 80% of Pinterest users are women, which coupled with Pinterest’s high e-commerce statistics and the fact that women give more to charities than men, present a strong case for use.

We will address whether or not your charity should get on board, and how to best use Pinterest, in subsequent blog posts. For now - here are some of our favourite boards by charities, including some great ideas for its use.

Our 5 favourite charity Pinterest boards

1. From our supporters

Rather than the standard photos of supporters which many organisations have on similar boards, WWF has pinned drawings their supporters have done. These are both cute and highly shareable! WWF's @ade told me the other day that at their office they have these pictures up on a big board  like Tony Hart's 'The Gallery' and the pinterest board is like an online extension of that. This polar bear one is my absolute favourite.

Take a look at the board here.

WWF Pinterest pin

WWF Pinterest pin

Pinterest boards with content created by your supporters are *very* shareable

2. Things we’re not

Merlin UK, an international development charity, have definitely gone for the entertainment factor here, and we think it works. There’s no excuse for confusing them with other Merlin-related things after looking at this board.

Charity Merlin UK on Pinterest

Merlin UK on Pinterest

3. Age is just a number

This board is full of inspiring photos of older people living their lives to the full, and a sense of positivity that is contagious and shareable! Great work, Age UK.

Age UK charity on Pinterest

Age UK charity on Pinterest

4. Month in Pictures, August 2012

Don’t let the dull name for this board put you off, as lurking underneath is a great idea. Water Aid took photos using Instagram of their Big Dig campaign live from the field, and posted them on Pinterest too. Cross-platform sharing is what its all about.

Water Aid say thank you on Pinterest

5. What’s in the boxes? Life saving supplies for children.

This board is a really easily accessible way for UNICEF UK supporters (and others) to see exactly what provision UNICEF send from their supply centre in Copenhagen.

UNICEF UK supplies on Pinterest

Feeling inspired? - Now could be a great time to sign up to Pinterest and start pinning.

Already on Pinterest? - Share your boards in the comments below or show us examples of other charities using pinterest well - you can add screenshots too so please do!

30 September 2013
Crispin Read