Data protection resources for charities and voluntary organisations

Data protection policy resources

Charities and voluntary organisations have a wide range of relationships with people and so inevitably end up collecting and storing a range of personal data. We have created a number of resources to help charities and voluntary organisations deal with their data protection responsibilities effectively. 

Introduction to GDPRIntroduction to GDPR

This post explains the basics of the GDPR legislation that came into force on 25 May 2018. There were already wide-ranging regulations on how charities should deal with data but these were tightened up and the new legislation has served to push this issue up the priority list for boards of non-profit organisations.

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Data protection policyData Protection Policy template

This post explains the role of the Data Protection Policy as an internal document that explains how your organisation protects data and ensures compliance with your legal obligations in this area. The post and template provide a simple framework for carrying out this exercise thoroughly but efficiently.

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Privacy policyPrivacy Policy template

This post discusses privacy notices and how they relate to your privacy policy. This post will help you adopt a comprehensive approach that is also short and easy for your audience to read and understand. One key objective of the GDPR was to make privacy notices more accessible.

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Cookie lawCookie consent and cookie notices

A ‘cookie’ consists of information downloaded on to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are widely used and can do a number of things, such as remembering your preferences, recording what you have put in your shopping basket, and counting the number of people looking at a website. This post explains, in plain language, what you need to consider as a charity or voluntary organisation in relation to the data your website holds through cookies. 

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Website securityWebsite security

As well as giving people information about how you will process their data, you also need to hold it securely. This post covers what you can do to ensure your website is as secure as possible and to avoid having your website hacked. 

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Website legal requirementsGeneral website legal requirements

Alongside data protection, there are a bunch of other legal issues that charities and voluntary organisations should consider. This post gives an overview covering topics such as company information and fundraising best practice. 

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1 June 2018
Andy Pearson