Charity database software - 12 best charity fundraising & donor systems

charity database software

Charity fundraising software (or ‘donor databases’ or ‘charity CRMs’) can seem like a minefield. How do you choose from the many options?

This post does the hard work for you by listing the publicly available information on the most popular systems and providing guidance on the strengths of each donor database system.

Sadly not all of the systems featured are entirely transparent about their pricing but we’ve done our best.  

There are lots of names used for charity database software (fundraising database, supporter database, charity CRM, etc) but they all refer to a system that organises a charity's relationship with people and organisations. Many charities also need to track a whole host of information about their activities and impact in order to measure performance and report back to donors. That’s not something we try to deal with here. 

Key considerations for charity databases include management of donations, major givers, volunteers, members, sponsorship, corporate support, grantmakers and other types of supporters.  

Charity database software - the best  of the bunch

Donorfy (UK)

Donorfy is a relatively new entrant. It’s a modern cloud-based SAAS platform based in the UK aimed at smaller charities. They have competitive pricing based on the number of contacts, starting from £39 per month. They also offer a free version with limited functionality for up to 500 contacts. The precise costs are set out clearly on their website.  

Hubble (UK)

Hubble is a suite of apps that includes website builder, donation platform and database. These can be used separately or linked together to gain advanced functionality. Hubble is focused on the needs of small charities with an emphasis on ease of use and automation over complex customisation.

Key features of the database app include Mailchimp integration and ability to track notes and organise contacts with tags. When combined with the donation app it allows charities to collect one-off and recurring direct debit donations through a charity-branded secure portal with all data flowing automatically into the database. It's the cheapest option on this list, starting at £35 per month with no limit on contacts.  

Access ThankQ CRM (UK)

ThankQ is another UK company. It has been around for a long time and is a more old-fashioned system. It has lots of flexibility but its website integrations lack polish. Their prices are much steeper than the more modern cloud based SAAS services on this list because their process requires more client-specific customisation. These prices are not publicly available.  

Donorflex (UK)

In addition to tracking donations and events like most databases, Donorflex offers a range of more distinctive supporting features like lottery and raffle modules. 

Pricing is not publicly available. 

eTapestry (US)

eTapestry is the entry-level offering from Blackbaud, the US-based global giant of nonprofit software. Blackbaud also owns Raiser's Edge NXT and announced their intention to buy JustGiving in July 2017. As you can imagine from the biggest company out there, the offering is solid but not particularly innovative. It includes good website integration tools and competitive pricing so is definitely worth a look. Prices start from $119 USD per month for a basic plan allowing up to 1,000 contacts. 

Donor Perfect (US)

Donor Perfect is a US outfit with a broad and mature offering that allows you to track all kinds of constituent data including corporate donors, grants, etc. While it’s clearly a US focused system they allow the system to be tailored to some extent for a UK audience. 
Prices start at $89 USD per month for a basic plan allowing up to 1,000 contacts. 

Bloomerang (US)

Bloomerang sells itself on its easy of use. Their website offers lots of screenshots and case studies and it does look like it’s considerably more user-friendly than a number of the alternatives on this list. 
Prices start at $99 USD per month for a basic plan allowing up to 1,000 contacts. 

Salsa (US)

An action focused system with lots of tools to capture supporter engagement like forms, donations, event registrations, etc and lots of tools to manage and automate email follow up. 

Pricing is not clearly stated on their website but it starts from $179 USD per month.


Other US based supporter databases to check out:
NeonCRM  |  Kindful  |  Kepla  |  Donor Tools

We have experience integrating charity websites with many of the most popular CRM's. There's more we know about which ones are the best to work with. If you're looking for a new website and need advice on the best CRM to work with, get in touch.


8 September 2017
Andy Pearson