Blog: Website Building

Get a charity website - 6 step guide

In this post, we explain how to create a charity website when you don’t have much time, money or experience. By following this simple process you can build a new charity website from scratch in a matter of days.

Should I add a forum to my charity website?

Should we add a forum to our charity’s website?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer varies depending on your circumstances. In this post, we'll help you work out if you need one, how to use and if not, what alternatives there are.

Wordpress & Open-Source vs Software-as-a-Service alternatives: when is SaaS better?

An important and reasonably long-term decision when building a website is whether to choose open-source or a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. In this post, we explore the pros and cons of each.

GDPR for small charities - data protection guide

Legislation on data protection and e-privacy is being shaken up. Find out what you need to do to comply.

Website launch preparation & testing checklist

Find out everything you need to know about launching and testing your website before launch.

Website legal requirements for UK charities

A quick guide to the legal requirements affecting charity websites in the United Kingdom. What to do, where and why.

Website security for charities - Don't get hacked

A simple explanation of website security and a run down of what tpye of security provion you need on your charity website.

How to take payments through your charity website

Taking online payments is now a core requirement for most organisations. We look at different types of payments such as donations, event bookings, shops and subscriptions and recommend the right solutions for each.

How To build a membership organisation website on a shoestring budget

Exploring the common online challenges facing membership organisations and solutions to help automate processes without spending lots of money.

How much should a charity website cost?

It's difficult for charities and nonprofits to know how much to budget for a website because costs can easily range from £0 to £100,000. This post explains what determines fees and gives examples of what you should expect to pay.

Get a free charity website: best website builders compared

Using a website building app to quickly create a simple website is a great option for small charities. Get a free charity website with one of the top website builders.

Creating donation pages that work for your charity

If there is any page on your charity website to get right, the donation page is it. But it can be a challenging area because it’s not just about content but also about managing a transaction well.

Choosing the right web font for your charity

When creating a new website, typography can easily be overlooked. We take a look at the importance of the now standard web-fonts tech and how to choose the best fonts for your charity website.

4 design principles of a modern website platform

The best modern web tools are simple and affordable. They are often dedicated to one clear task and don't offer limitless customisation. Do you think your website should be such a tool?

3 fonts created for good

We love bringing attention to digital technology being used for social change. But what about typography? In this post, Amy looks at how typography and fonts are being used innovatively for a good cause.

6 reasons your charity website doesn't work (and what you can do about It)

It's all too easy to build and manage a website that looks beautiful, but is completely ineffective. In this post Andy looks at six key reasons why many charity websites fail along with practical examples and tips for improvement.

Some simple KPIs for your charity blog

If you're investing time into writing a blog, it's imperative that you track the results in order to see how it's impacting your marketing objectives .

The question I'll answer here is what specifically you should be tracking and reporting on and, once you have the numbers, what does it even...

How To brief your web designer: understand the process so you can communicate better

If commissioning a website is new territory for you then you are likely to be on a learning curve. You’re not alone, we’re all learning. Having designed lots of websites for charities we have learned how important it is to understand each other to make progress.

Here we want to share a few insights with you about the web design process that will help you get ahead in your communications and get the very best from your partner agency.

Firstly, what do we mean...

Identifying your charity website users and designing for them

George gives five steps for how to go about ensuring your website design process has your users at its heart.

8 ways to improve your charity landing pages

A landing page is the first page a user sees when visiting your site, the one they land on. This is not always the home page. Here is our list of core principles on how to design a good landing page, much of which you will be able to implement without a designer or web agency.