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Digital annual reports: why to produce them and how to get them done

The time has come to throw away the paper (by which we mean recycle). Digital annual reports have arrived! Digital Annual reports are a way for charities to spread their story with wider networks. This post gives four reasons why they're great and a bunch of tips about how to actually create them.

Create an interactive map for your website

How to easily make or build an interactive map and add it to your website. We explore the pros and cons of various options.

3 charity micro-sites to be inspired by

While the bulk of our work is developing organisations' main charity website , over this past year we’ve also designed and built several microsites. These are s eparate self-contained websites often used to feature campaigns or stories that would otherwise get lost amongst the other content in a standard website.

Scrolling with purpose: and when it works for charities

The ascent of mobile browsing has encouraged a recent trend of relatively long pages and websites. Before following suit and creating a very long page, consider the pros and cons. In this post we will look at when long pages work well and how it can go wrong.

How To commission a photo shoot for your charity

In this post Owen combines his experience as a photographer with that of building websites for charities to bring you a wealth of tips for how to commission a photographer and achieve the right sort of images for your website and other promotional material.

Charity pictures - 8 places to find FREE photos for your website

All you need to know about copyright, creative commons and the best places to find free images for your website.

8 things to include in your charity brand guidelines

Every organisation will have different needs, so the scope of brand guidelines can vary quite a lot depending on the audience they serve. Are they going to be used primarily by your comms team, your wider staff, or by professional designers? The best way to ensure your staff make good use of your guidelines is to only give them the information they actually need. Comprehensive and complicated guidelines can be overwhelming.

Here are our top tips, with examples from our own brand...

7 key tips for finding and using good stock photos

High quality, relevant and carefully planned photography can transform a website from a seemingly dull collection of text to a visual feast able to attract attention and direct behaviour.

Photos can tell stories, illustrate points, explain abstract concepts, invoke emotion and create connection with people. In short, the usefulness of photos on your website is not to be underestimated.

Sourcing professional photography for your website can be a daunting and...

Our 5 favourite charity Pinterest boards

If you love images, you’ll love Pinterest . It’s really easy to use and is full of creative and imaginative suggestions for your charity or nonprofit ~ it also can easily end up being a big driver of traffic to your site if you are posting the right sort of things and can be a really useful channel for raising awarenes of your cause or campaign. Here are 5 brilliant examples of charities using pinterest really well - grab some inspiration and...