Blog: Fundraising

10 of the best UK fundraising blogs to equip charities

With the launch of the Hubble Apps Platform, which is as much about fundraising as it is about communications, we've been on a mission to engage more with the fundraising side of the charity world in the UK.

Here are ten of the best UK fundraising blogs. Enjoy!

Text-to-donate: when to use text giving as a charity and what it costs

Receiving donations via SMS text message can be a powerful source of income for small charities. Almost any charity can benefit but there are limitations to consider. This post explains how text giving works, what it costs, when you should use it and how to get started.

5 alternatives to JustGiving for event fundraising

In the UK, JustGiving is the most popular event fundraising platform. They charge quite a lot for their service and this has led many UK charities to look for alternatives. In this post, we look at 5 good options to serve your event-based fundraising needs.

10 ways to get more donations on your small charity website

This post explains how to increase the number of donations you get on your charity website. It is aimed at small charities with small budgets. There is no magic formula for getting more donations but if you act on these ten steps your online fundraising will definitely improve.

Charity database software - 12 best charity fundraising & donor systems

Choosing the right database software for charity can be difficult. This post focuses on fundraising and donor systems and highlights the best options for small charities.

How to take payments through your charity website

Taking online payments is now a core requirement for most organisations. We look at different types of payments such as donations, event bookings, shops and subscriptions and recommend the right solutions for each.

How to integrate Shopify with your charity website in 5 simple steps

If you're looking to simply sell items through your existing charity website then the Shopify ecommerce platform is a great, low cost solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

How to build an ebay charity shop network

In this post we explore how you can start to generate charity shop funds through eBay without setting up a physical high street presence.

6 fundraising widgets to improve your charity website

Many popular web services offer fundraising widgets to integrate with your charity website, so you can engage visitors without having to build custom functionality yourself. In this post we take a closer look at the best widgets to integrate with your charity website to help streamline your online presence and improve your fundraising prospects.

Creating donation pages that work for your charity

If there is any page on your charity website to get right, the donation page is it. But it can be a challenging area because it’s not just about content but also about managing a transaction well.

Email marketing for charities: how to get the best results

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for charities often yeilding higher conversion rates than wider reaching social media activity. Here are some tips to maximise your central email marketing tools.

Crowdfunding: A viable option for UK charities?

Explore the best crowdfunding platforms for charities. Many claim to be 'KickStarter for charities' but we discuss the best options and creative crowdfunding campaigns.

4 initiatives that could change your charity donations

There's no dispute about the priority of donations in charity objectives. Methods however, are continually evolving and it's important to stay up to speed. This post highlights 4 initiatives that could impact your online donation process.

We donated to 5 different charities. This is what happened.

It's important to approach charity website design from a user perspective, so this week I decided to test out 5 charities by donating £10 to each. Here are the results, with a slideshow of each stage of the process.

New research offers 5 tips for engaging with slacktivism

Since it was coined in 1995 by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark, the word 'slacktivism' has inspired passionate debate in the nonprofit world.

Should charities focus more on stealing market share from the corporate sector?

Have you ever wondered whether charities are too focused on competing with each other? Have you ever found it difficult to differentiate one charity from another?

Charity campaign examples & Ideas: get attention and promote your cause

Running a good charity campaign take creativity. This post provides practical ideas and inspiration for your next charity campaign. Get more funders and build a more effective campaign today!