Blog: Charity Strategy

Should I add a forum to my charity website?

Should we add a forum to our charity’s website?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer varies depending on your circumstances. In this post, we'll help you work out if you need one, how to use and if not, what alternatives there are.

Charity names - How to choose a good one

This post will help you choose a good charity name. It’s packed with ideas and resources to help you find a unique name.

Charity or social enterprise? Which is the best legal structure to choose?

Assuming that you know why you are setting up a charity or social enterprise, this post helps you navigate through the (many!) different options for legal structures to find the best one for you. It can be overwhelming so we’ll try to cut through the jargon.

How & why to start a new charity: 10 things to consider

Starting a charity is not for the faint-hearted! This post highlights the key issues facing those looking to start a new charity: how to define an audience and a distinctive mission.

Charity CRM - 8 tips on how to choose a database

A good charity CRM database will allow you to manage a single consolidated list of people and organisations that can be accessed by anyone in your team from anywhere. It will help you to keep accurate records and improve the experience your supporters have as they relate to your charity.

GDPR for small charities - data protection guide

Legislation on data protection and e-privacy is being shaken up. Find out what you need to do to comply.

Website launch preparation & testing checklist

Find out everything you need to know about launching and testing your website before launch.

Website legal requirements for UK charities

A quick guide to the legal requirements affecting charity websites in the United Kingdom. What to do, where and why.

Digital annual reports: why to produce them and how to get them done

The time has come to throw away the paper (by which we mean recycle). Digital annual reports have arrived! Digital Annual reports are a way for charities to spread their story with wider networks. This post gives four reasons why they're great and a bunch of tips about how to actually create them.

How to create content that achieves your charity website goals

The most important part of your website is your content. Follow our step by step guide on how to guide your users along journeys that lead to action.

How telling your charity's story can strengthen engagement with your website

When we sit down with a client to discuss a new project, one of the key things we listen out for and integrate into the design and development of their website and digital strategy is their organisational story. This post contains 5 tips on how charities can integrate stories into their websites - with real world examples of this being put into practice.

Calls to action on charity websites

This post explores how good calls to action make your charity website work harder for you. Start by asking yourself ‘what would it look like for my website to perform better?'

Creating an integrated communication strategy

Need to create an integrated communications strategy or plan? This post will help and includes a free template.