How to create a website design brief - free template download

This guide is designed to help trustees and staff of charities, social enterprises and membership associations to navigate the process of commissioning a website redesign, in particular how to prepare a good website redesign brief, with a free template to download.

Software as as Service - definition for charities

Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the tech industry over the last decade. This post defines what it is and what it means for small charities in the UK.

Free charity website hosting - 10 best UK options

If you are looking for free charity website hosting in the UK then there are a number of options to explore that are totally free. This post lists our top 10 picks.

Data Protection Policy: GDPR ready template for charities

With GDPR taking effect in 2018, you may need to review your data protection policy. This post explains what you need to cover in your policy and provides a free template for you to download and use.

How to get a charity website - 6 step guide

In this post, we explain how to start creating a charity website when you don’t have much time, money or experience. By following this simple process you can build a new charity website from scratch in a matter of days.

Should I add a forum to my charity website?

Should we add a forum to our charity’s website?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer varies depending on your circumstances. In this post, we'll help you work out if you need one, how to use and if not, what alternatives there are.

10 of the best UK fundraising blogs to equip charities

With the launch of the Hubble Apps Platform, which is as much about fundraising as it is about communications, we've been on a mission to engage more with the fundraising side of the charity world in the UK.

Here are ten of the best UK fundraising blogs. Enjoy!

Software for charities - how to get it discounted or free

There is lots of software for charities that is free or heavily reduced. This post brings it all together in one place and tells you how to claim your discount.

Text-to-donate: when to use text giving as a charity and what it costs

Receiving donations via SMS text message can be a powerful source of income for small charities. Almost any charity can benefit but there are limitations to consider. This post explains how text giving works, what it costs, when you should use it and how to get started.

Charity names - How to choose a good one

This post will help you choose a good charity name. It’s packed with ideas and resources to help you find a unique name.

5 alternatives to JustGiving for event fundraising

In the UK, JustGiving is the most popular event fundraising platform. They charge quite a lot for their service and this has led many UK charities to look for alternatives. In this post, we look at 5 good options to serve your event-based fundraising needs.

How to get donations - raise more with your charity website

This post explains how to get donations through your charity website. It is aimed at small charities with small budgets.

Charity or social enterprise? Which is the best legal structure to choose?

Assuming that you know why you are setting up a charity or social enterprise, this post helps you navigate through the (many!) different options for legal structures to find the best one for you. It can be overwhelming so we’ll try to cut through the jargon.

How to start a charity: 10 things to consider

Setting up a charity is not for the faint-hearted! This post highlights the key issues facing those looking to start a new charity: how to define an audience and a distinctive mission.

Charity CRM - 8 tips on how to choose a database

A good charity CRM database will allow you to manage a single consolidated list of people and organisations that can be accessed by anyone in your team from anywhere. It will help you to keep accurate records and improve the experience your supporters have as they relate to your charity.

4 fully integrated website & database platforms for charities

For small charities, getting your website to talk to your database and other systems can be a real pain. Commissioning custom integration work is expensive and hard to maintain. In this post, we review four of the best fully integrated solutions for charities.

Wordpress & Open-Source vs Software-as-a-Service alternatives: when is SaaS better?

An important and reasonably long-term decision when building a website is whether to choose open-source or a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. In this post, we explore the pros and cons of each.

Charity database software - 12 best fundraising & donor systems

Choosing the right charity database software can be difficult. This post focuses on fundraising and donor systems and highlights the best options for small charities.

GDPR for small charities - data protection guide

This common sense guide to GDPR for small charities will help you get prepared before the change on 25 May 2018.

Website launch checklist: what to test

Find out everything you need to know about launching and testing your website before launch.