RSTMH is an organisation with a rich heritage in global tropical medicine.

We designed an integrated website and ThankQ CRM system to attract members and provided a seamless events booking process.


Creating a Community

RSTMH is growing their global community. The website was designed to highlight the diverse and engaged members and encourage participation.  The members directory allows members to create a public profile and links to their blog and events they speak at


ThankQ Event Integration

We integrated the ThankQ CRM system to create a simple, users friendly search and booking system with all captured info fed directly to ThankQ CRM.



Journals & Resources

Purpose designed single landing page for journal explaining (a) why the journal is great (b) how to get access, i.e. membership and (c) clearly signposting users to the journal.


Gathering Support

Purpose designed landing page that inspires action and clearly signposts to alternative methods of support.