Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is an independent non-profit working globally with business and government to solve complex sustainability challenges.

We worked with them across a wide range of digital communications, revamping their main website and visual branding was a large and rewarding challenge.


Refreshed visual ID

We worked to refresh and streamline the visual identity in line with a more global strategy. In tandem we designed their flagship publication encouraging big businesses to rethink their future.

Go global, go mobile and gain more partners

In a nutshell, that was the challenge. With multiple industry leading blogs, an online publication, a masters course, dozens of projects, downloadable resources and over a hundred global partners the information architecture needed completely restructuring.

We worked over many months to simplify and streamline the key messages of the site, build new international hubs and revamp the design in accordance with the accompanying rebrand.

  • Content auditing and search engine optimisation
  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Drupal development and content migration
  • User journey planning
  • Custom design and illustration
  • Social media presence and sharing strategy
  • Interconnecting content sitewide

Conducting a full content, design and SEO audit

In order to understand current performance and what recommendations to make we conducted a full site audit. We created and reviewed questionnaires for users, conducted telephone interviews with key partners, scored the current design across many criteria and dug deep into the SEO performance of the site. Our recommendations set the foundation for the project.

Re-crafting company wide messages

Communicating what Forum actually does was a central focus for the project. We worked with copywriters and PR gurus over countless revisions to refine a set of key messages and structured them into a narrative across the key pages of the site.

Upgrading and migrating thousands of pages

With such a legacy of rich content, we couldn’t afford to start from scratch. While creating brand new key landing pages we worked hard behind the scenes to preserve every last blog post, project, photo and comment. We migrated content three times during the course of the project to save Forum the job of manually importing the latest few months of work.

User journey planning

We established a number of paths through the site leading to action. Sharing, downloading, commenting and subscribing are all valuable, measurable interactions for Forum.

Growing the community

The focal point for all journeys is the network. The site highlights the broad range of existing, influential partners, expresses the benefits of membership better than ever and provides personal direct contacts for how to get in touch with Forum to discuss getting involved.


Custom design and illustration

The theme for the website built on the foundation set by our concurrent rebrand project. The colourful, spacious, light-weight design is distinctive and flexible. As well as creating numerous custom illustrations we helped source professional photography and refined it to suit the site.

Social media presence and sharing strategy

Forum’s brand impact has been far reaching. We worked to help ensure that the new brand identity was manifest on all their digital channels and other publicised documentation. We built social sharing into the heart of the website enabling their best content to work it’s way around the web.

Interconnecting content sitewide

With so much rich content to explore we needed to implement a good discovery process for visitors. All content is tagged to connect people, with countries, with projects, with sectors, with blogs and more. No matter where you are there is always an interesting next step to take.

The results are just the beginning

With a brand new, mobile friendly, globally focussed site Forum are in a better position than ever to build their network. We’re already planning the next phase of development and looking to revamp the members area to offer some revolutionary collaboration tools to the network community.