5 Tips for Writing Charity Newsletters with CiviCRM

6 March 2014

CiviCRM is an open source Constituent Relationship Manager that has been designed with non-profits in mind. An underutilised feature of CiviCRM is its newsletter functionality, which allows users to create, manage, and send mailings to mailing lists.

While there are already web-based email clients that allow you to do this, e.g. Mailchimp, the benefit of using CiviCRM is that all of the data is centralised, including your mailings.

In this post Matt looks at five steps for best practice in getting to grips with Civi newslettering.

3 Powerful Productivity Solutions to your Charity's Tech Problems

19 February 2014

This post explores some areas where modern web-based applications can have a significant impact on your charity’s productivity.

Web based technology can make your charity more productive, but it requires a change of mindset.

Just ten years ago, things were very different. Microsoft ruled. If you wrote anything, you wrote it in Word. If you played around with numbers, you started with Excel. If you presented something you divided up your neat...

New Research Offers 5 Tips For Engaging With Slacktivism

18 February 2014

Since it was coined in 1995 by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark, the word 'slacktivism' has inspired passionate debate in the nonprofit world.

The presence of slacktivism is a threat to traditional marketing models of engagement, which suggest that a Tweet or a Facebook like are first actions on a ladder of engagement that will eventually lead to donating, volunteering or another act of significant effort to enact meaningful change.

Some have hit back at slacktivism head on, as...

Identifying Your Charity Website Users and Designing For Them

11 February 2014

George gives five steps for how to go about ensuring your website design process has your users at its heart.

What Is Open Source Software and What Are Charities Saying About It?

2 February 2014

We love open source software, and all the solutions we create for our clients are based on open source applications. In this post I look at what it is, what its advantages are, and what some other chariites are saying about it.

What is open source?

Open Source Software (OSS) is computer software with its source code available to anyone to study, change and distribute - and for any purpose. This right is granted by the copyright holder, usually the first person to develop...

5 Digital Tools to Increase Event Impact

22 January 2014

The nonprofit sector is great at hosting events - from presentations and training sessions to conferences and volunteer meet-ups.

Here are our top pick of tools to help charities ensure that events are having the maximum digital impact possible, relevant data is gathered and analysed to plan for future events, and the impact of the event lives on beyond the event itself.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the leading event ticketing and...

7 Key Tips For Charities Using Stock Photography

18 January 2014
High quality, relevant and carefully planned photography can transform a website from a seemingly dull collection of text to a visual feast able to attract attention and direct behaviour.

Photos can tell stories, illustrate points, explain abstract concepts, invoke emotion and create connection with people. In short, the usefulness of photos on your website is not to be underestimated.

Sourcing professional photography for your website can be a daunting and...

8 Ways to Improve Your Charity Landing Pages

13 December 2013

At this time of year, with campaigns and festive goodwill in abundance it's more important than ever that your landing pages are as good as they can be.

A landing page, quite simply, is the first page a user sees when visiting your site, the one they land on. This is not always the home page. Links from articles on other sites, social media or advertising campaigns can all take users straight to other pages on your site.

If you are actively...

How Charities Can Get Adobe Software, Virtually FREE

7 November 2013

Non-profit organisations can request free software and hardware to be donated from technology partners through Technology Trust Exchange . This is a truly excellent service offering professional level software, virtually free .*

Naturally there are some criteria to fulfill in order to be eligible. We won’t repeat them here....

5 Lessons in Marketing From Charity:Water

29 October 2013

There’s been a lot of publicity about Charity:Water - both good and bad, but there’s no denying the fact they’re leading the way in nonprofit digital communications.

The New-York based organisation were one of the first nonprofits to post a video on Instagram, they are the sixth most followed nonprofit on Twitter in the world, and they are always at the forefront of online marketing.


Our 5 Favourite Charity Pinterest Boards

30 September 2013

If you love images, you’ll love Pinterest . It’s really easy to use and is full of creative and imaginative suggestions for your charity or nonprofit ~ it also can easily end up being a big driver of traffic to your site if you are posting the right sort of things and can be a really useful channel for raising awarenes of your cause or campaign. Here are 5 brilliant examples of charities using pinterest really well - grab some inspiration and...

Should Charities Focus More On Stealing Market Share From The Corporate Sector?

7 August 2013

Have you ever wondered whether charities are too focused on competing with each other? Have you ever found it difficult to differentiate one charity from another? Have you ever experienced a wave of disillusionment as the possibility hits you that charity marketing is all a big waste of time and resources that doesn’t really benefit anyone?

I certainly have.

The early stages of my career were firmly in the corporate sector but for the last 5 years I have...

Charity Campaigning Tips: get attention and promote your cause

28 March 2013

Charity campaigners and fundraisers are a creative bunch and in this post I have pulled together a few recent highlights that may offer others some inspiration.

Website Hosting For Charities - A Beginner's Guide

21 March 2013

The purpose of this article is to help those who are relatively new to websites and hosting to get their heads round the topic. We build a lot of websites for charities but the material here should be applicable to any website project.

The basics of hosting your charity website – a dummy’s guide

Simply put, the World Wide Web is a vast collection of computers connected to each other. A set of protocols allow people to access the information stored on these computers...

Creating an Integrated Communication Strategy

1 February 2013

This post is about creating an integrated communications strategy for your charity: a daunting task! This post gives some big picture guidance to help you evaluate your work to-date or, if it’s all new to you, help you get started. If you want a more step by step guide you may find our guide ' Creating a communication plan ' with free template even more useful.

What does it mean to have an integrated communications strategy?

The first step to...

How to Get More QUALITY Followers on Twitter

19 October 2012

Twitter has to be a central part of almost every charity's strategy for social media engagement. It has a MASSIVE user base, it's easy to use and it can be a very cost effective method of promotion. I'm sure people judge your success by how many people follow you, and I'm sure you would like to have more people follow you - goes without saying really doesn't it?

Luckily getting tons of followers is really, really easy - which is how come 'social media gurus' all have 20k+ followers....

7 Ways to Prepare for a Charity Rebrand

3 April 2012

The process of rebranding your charity can be a complex and a daunting one. In this post, I share some tips on how to prepare for a rebrand. These will help you maximise your charity's internal capabilities and get the most from an outside branding agency.

For a deeper dive have a read of our in-depth guide to creating or refreshing your charity brand .​

1. Need a charity rebrand? Don’t rush

You want your new charity brand to...

Charities: 10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Website Design and Structure

5 March 2012
1. Website polls

It is good to encourage users to engage and interact with your charity. Polls are a very low commitment way of encouraging engagement through your website. Website polls are anonymous but allow your users to express an opinion about an issue that is relevant to them. This also gives the impression that you listen, which is never a bad idea.

Colourful charity websites

25 October 2011

There’s so much choice now when it comes to colour on the web. There were days when you had just 256 to choose from, blue was blue and green was green. Now countless tints, shades and combinations can make for a more uniquely defined identity but greater choice rarely makes for easy decisions.