8 Things to Include in your Charity Brand Guidelines

24 April 2015

Every organisation will have different needs, so the scope of brand guidelines can vary quite a lot depending on the audience they serve. Are they going to be used primarily by your comms team, your wider staff, or by professional designers? The best way to ensure your staff make good use of your guidelines is to only give them the information they actually need. Comprehensive and complicated guidelines can be overwhelming.

Here are our top tips, with examples from our own brand...

3 Fonts Created For Good

30 March 2015

We love bringing attention to digital technology being used for social change. But what about typography? In this post, Amy looks at how typography and fonts are being used innovatively for a good cause.

How to Avoid Gender Discrimination: Start With Incentive Structures

10 March 2015

Gender discrimination in technology is rife. Andy shares how we have changed our pay incentive structures in light of this, and his suggestions for other small technology businesses to implement.

3 New YouTube Ideas for Your Charity

26 February 2015

YouTube is 10 years old. In this post we look at three new ways of campaigning on YouTube and share suggestions for how your charity can adopt them.

My Top 5 Social Entrepreneurship Reads of 2014

6 January 2015

In our first post of the new year, Andy reviews his top business books from 2014 and shares how they have impacted his thinking.

Your Charity Should Only Invest In LinkedIn If These Six Criteria Apply

26 November 2014

If you’re strapped for time and resources and already engaging on multiple social platforms, do you really need to use LinkedIn? Mary proposes six criteria to judge whether your charity should get involved.

10 Projects Using Digital Technology for Social Good

5 November 2014

We spend our time using digital technology to help our clients increase their social impact - and we are constantly humbled and impressed by the sheer breadth of creative and exciting projects out there that use digital technology for social good.

It’s exciting that there are so many initiatives using digital technology to bring about change, providing access to skills, knowledge, employment, health expertise and other services.


7 Steps to Mastering SEO for Your Charity Website

27 October 2014

To many charities SEO can seem both daunting and intangible. In this post Andy looks at why it matters and shares seven steps for getting started.

These 3 Charity Tinder Campaigns Teach 3 Valuable Lessons

14 October 2014

New social media platforms are emerging all the time, and it's useful to investigate how charities are engaging with them. In this post we draw three lessons from three charities using Tinder, the mobile dating app, to campaign.

Top Charity Fundraising & Donor Database Systems Compared

1 October 2014

If you are anything like me the world of charity fundraising software (or ‘donor databases’ or ‘CRMs’) is a minefield. There are lots of options but they all claim similar functionality, so how do you choose?

The first step is to think about your requirements. However, especially for small and medium-sized charities, many of your requirements will be far from new; they will have been faced by many organisations before you.

In this post I try and...

6 Reasons Your Charity Should Be On Tumblr

2 September 2014

Tumblr can be a bit confusing. Is it a blog? Is it a social media platform?

The answer is both. And it’s its hybrid nature that makes it a such a great tool for getting your message across.

The micro-blogging platform was founded in 2007, and now hosts over 188 million blogs. Users can follow other Tumblrs, schedule posts, tag posts, and see posts from Tumblrs they follow in a news feed section similar to Facebook. In June 2013 Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion....

We Donated to 5 Different Charities. This is What Happened.

19 August 2014

It's important to approach charity website design from a user perspective, so this week I decided to test out 5 charities by donating £10 to each. Here are the results, with a slideshow of each stage of the process.

5 Tips For Charities Using Promoted Tweets

7 August 2014

If you're a regular reader of this blog you will know that we are Twitter advocates. Twitter Advertising is one of many tools for engaging with audiences, making connections, and promoting action, and it's finally taking off with UK-based charities.

There are three types of Twitter Ads - Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends.

In this post we’re going to look at tips for using Promoted Tweets with examples of how charities are using them.


Why We Don't Pitch For Your Project

30 July 2014

We don’t do pitches anymore.

We used to spend far too much valuable time courting prospective clients when we could have been over-delivering on our existing projects for our fantastic clients.

Instead we prefer to funnel as much time as possible into making amazing things and making our clients thrilled to bits. And it works.


6 Reasons Your Charity Website Doesn't Work (and What You Can Do About It)

19 July 2014

It's all too easy to build and manage a website that looks beautiful, but is completely ineffective. In this post Andy looks at six key reasons why many charity websites fail along with practical examples and tips for improvement.

Some Simple KPIs for your Charity Blog

12 June 2014

If you're investing time into writing a blog, it's imperative that you track the results in order to see how it's impacting your marketing objectives .

The question I'll answer here is what specifically you should be tracking and reporting on and, once you have the numbers, what does it even...

21 Questions to Ask When Writing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

13 May 2014

Designing a digital marketing strategy can be a daunting task. Here we look at the key questions to be asking throughout the design process and beyond into the implementation stage.

Identify your Organisational Goals

1. What is the overall mission of your organisation?

2. What are your organisational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ?

3. What marketing objectives tie in with the above?

4. What are the...

How To Brief Your Web Designer: understand the process so you can communicate better

16 April 2014

If commissioning a website is new territory for you then you are likely to be on a learning curve. You’re not alone, we’re all learning. Having designed lots of websites for charities we have learned how important it is to understand each other to make progress.

Here we want to share a few insights with you about the web design process that will help you get ahead in your communications and get the very best from your partner agency.

Firstly, what do we mean...

Follow These 7 Steps to Set up Google + for Your Charity

2 April 2014
In this post Crispin shares a practical guide to setting up Google + for your charity and getting started. He takes us through an initial walk-through of the setup process with loads of tips on content creation, setting up Google Authorship for your bloggers, sharing with circles, checking notifications, getting a custom URL and creating badges to promote your page and gain followers from elsewhere on the web. Google + currently has over 1 billion users and is growing at a rate of 33% per year - following these steps will ensure your charity doesn't miss out.

17 Useful Productivity Hacks For Charities Using IFTTT

11 March 2014

Do you find your day dictated by incoming emails and calls while checking your Twitter feed for notifications, rather than carving out time to get on with tasks like analytics and reporting?

The sheer speed with which new digital communications tools are developing and the expectation that charities are present on many online platforms means it's more important than ever for charity digital marketers to manage their workflow effectively and proactively.