Why Online Fundraising Should Shape an Integrated Communications Strategy

One of the key challenges our clients face is the range of options in front of them. More than ever, there is a plethora of ways to 'promote your charity online'. But time is always short and it can be really difficult to know to how to best invest your valuable time. The danger is choice paralysis. 

In my experience, the most helpful way to engage with this challenge is to spend time joining the dots. What causes what? This is very linked to the 'why?' question. Lots of people will tell you things  you should be doing, like having a facebook page, or a Google Plus page, or segmented email campaigns. But until you understand why you engage in these activities the chances are you will never feel comfortable in your choices.

Last year I put together a post on how to create an integrated communications strategy dealing with exactly these issues, but yesterday I found a great infographic exploring the 'why?' question. The bottom line for many charities is online fundraising. Online fundraising provides the golden chalice of unrestricted funds that can fund core costs and reinvestment into marketing activities.

Check out the infographic below and if you find it as useful as we did then give us a share!

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Source: Why Online Fundraising is the Future – Infographic

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Andy manages the company and oversees client relationships. He’s run several other start-ups and charities, and is a qualified solicitor with an interest in social business and enterprise.

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