How should a smaller charity respond to the Enough Food IF campaign?

Over 100 aid agencies, including some big names and special friends, have joined forces to launch a new campaign aimed at influencing the decisions made by political leaders, in order to end world hunger. The campaign will coincide with the UK's hosting of the June G8 Summit in Northern Ireland this year, and with David Cameron's planned Hunger Summit.

The campaign has launched with celebrity supporters and a very strong social media presence, in a similar vein to the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005. We expect that a large number of individuals will be mobilised, through the effective marketing of a clear message, to affect an important change.

For our clients and other charities, there may need to be an organisational response as well as a personal response.

Get involved

Depending upon the degree of alignment between your organisation's mission and the current issues of alleviating world hunger, you may wish to add your backing to the long list of supporting organisations.

There may be an opportunity to integrate themes of world hunger into your normal activities.  One example is the wealth of school resources created to accompany the IF campaign. Your charity may focus on young people in the UK, but by engaging in such a campaign you could get access to useful resources while also exposing the clients you work with to a broader perspective on world issues.

If your charity would like to support the campaign, you can sign up through the Bond website. Individuals can register their support through the main campaign website.

Plan your campaign strategy

The buzz has already started, and at its current trajectory the campaign is set to become a dominant message in traditional and social media spaces.  Plan your communications strategy accordingly.

  • Decide upon your level of involvement.
  • Ensure that your voice and message are distinctive and clear.
  • It might be sensible to schedule your communications activity with consideration of the IF campaign's calendar of activity.

Get ready to learn

Mass-market charity campaigns like Make Poverty History and the new IF campaign are great opportunities to observe the finest charity-marketing minds in operation when backed by serious budgets. This is an opportunity to learn. 

Of course, small charities don't have access to the same resources, but they can draw inspiration from the ways in which difficult issues are presented and support is mobilised.

These large campaigns are also great examples of inter-charity collaboration.  This process is never completely smooth, but small charities can learn from this and be inspired to collaborate more with other organisations who share a common cause. If UNICEF, Save the Children, Christian Aid etc. can all work together, perhaps you can too!

Campaign video

There's a live-stream of the launch tonight at (5pm-8pm).

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