How to create content that achieves your charity website goals

21 October 2016
content strategy that leads to action graph

The most important part of your website is your content. It's your content that will keep people's interest and build in them a desire to take action.

Our free online guide to Content Strategy That Leads to Action steps through the process of creating a strategy for your content that you can analyse and measure. The guide helps you:

  • Set your objectives
  • Map out your desired user journeys
  • Understand landing, interim and action pages
  • Take users on a journey from attention to action
  • Create a simple sitemap for structuring your content

User journeys are not just practical, they are also emotional. As a user progresses through your website you need to move them through four stages:

Website content strategy guideOur guide explains all the content you need to guide people on succesful user journeys and also offers a free downloadable template for you to use to create your own strategy.

Read the guide here


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