Blog: Website Inspiration

3 Charity Microsites to be Inspired by

18 December 2016

While the bulk of our work is developing organisations' main charity website , over this past year we’ve also designed and built several microsites. These are s eparate self-contained websites often used to feature campaigns or stories that would otherwise get lost amongst the other content in a standard website.

They are usually graphics-heavy with straightforward copy, inviting actions such as signing a petition, social media sharing or donating.


How Telling Your Charity's Story Can Strengthen Engagement With Your Website

24 May 2016

When we sit down with a client to discuss a new project, one of the key things we listen out for and integrate into the design and development of their website and digital strategy is their organisational story. This post contains 5 tips on how charities can integrate stories into their websites - with real world examples of this being put into practice.

10 Projects Using Digital Technology for Social Good

5 November 2014

We spend our time using digital technology to help our clients increase their social impact - and we are constantly humbled and impressed by the sheer breadth of creative and exciting projects out there that use digital technology for social good.

It’s exciting that there are so many initiatives using digital technology to bring about change, providing access to skills, knowledge, employment, health expertise and other services.


Charity Campaigning Tips: get attention and promote your cause

28 March 2013

Charity campaigners and fundraisers are a creative bunch and in this post I have pulled together a few recent highlights that may offer others some inspiration.

Colourful charity websites

25 October 2011

There’s so much choice now when it comes to colour on the web. There were days when you had just 256 to choose from, blue was blue and green was green. Now countless tints, shades and combinations can make for a more uniquely defined identity but greater choice rarely makes for easy decisions.