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How to Set Up Views and Goals in Google Analytics

29 March 2017

A quick look at how to configure views and goals in Google Analytics for your new website so you can start measuring what's important. There's more detail if your needs are more advanced.

How To Take Payments Through Your Charity Website

27 February 2017

Taking online payments is now a core requirement for most organisations. We look at different types of payments such as donations, event bookings, shops and subscriptions and recommend the right solutions for each.

How To Build a Membership Organisation Website On a Shoestring Budget

16 February 2017

Exploring the common online challenges facing membership organisations and solutions to help automate processes without spending lots of money.

Shopify review: sell things on your charity website

3 January 2017

If you're looking to simply sell items through your existing charity website then the Shopify ecommerce platform is a great, low cost solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

How to build a charity website for free: the best options compared

6 December 2016

Using a website building app to quickly create a simple website is a great option for small charities. This post provides a comparison of the top few website building apps on the market.

The Best Productivity Apps for Charities

21 November 2016

Our pick of some of the best productivity apps for charities to help you save time managing your work and improve your efficiency.

Google Apps & Adwords are FREE for Charities: find out more and get the grant today

17 September 2016

For years Google has supported non-profit organisations in the US by providing free access to its powerful Google Apps system (now called Google Suite). UK charities used to be excluded but in December 2013 White Fuse used to petition Google to offer Google Apps free to UK charities. We got a really encouraging direct response from Google UK and since 2014 it's been available here too.

Even better, the consolidated Google for Nonprofits scheme now also includes grants for...

Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits review (and how to get it for free)

6 August 2016

Read our review of Microsoft's Office 365 productivity software, find out what it can do for your charity and how to get it for free.

5 Great Social Media Apps for Charities

24 July 2016

One of the ways to power up your social media activity is to integrate with apps that help automate common tasks. Lots of these apps (mostly free!) intergrate well with Twitter, and not only serve to make the lives of charity professionals easier, but increase their impact and influence.

6 Fundraising Widgets To Improve Your Charity Website

2 June 2016

Many popular web services offer fundraising widgets to integrate with your charity website, so you can engage visitors without having to build custom functionality yourself. In this post we take a closer look at the best widgets to integrate with your charity website to help streamline your online presence and improve your fundraising prospects.

Our Top 5 Charity Donation Apps: give money easily

27 November 2015

In this post we explore our top charity apps that let people donate easily as part of day to day life. If you work for a charity you should check out our other post on the best productivity apps for charities .

11 Integrations to Keep Your Charity Website Modern and Flexible

10 September 2015

Gone are the days when your organisation’s online presence is confined to just your website. In the same way that you use social media and other channels to manage the first levels of engagement, you can now improve the performance of your charity website by integrating it with a range of modern web apps. This guide takes you through the 11 most useful functions you can outsource from your website to web apps.

Intranets for Charities: What You Need and How to Get It for FREE

13 August 2015

An intranet is a private network, accessible only to an organisation's staff. Ten years ago charities had little option but to build their own intranet. Now customised intranets are almost redundant for all but the largest organisations. Read on to discover why you need an intranet and the most affordable ways to get one.

Top Charity Fundraising & Donor Database Systems Compared

1 October 2014

If you are anything like me the world of charity fundraising software (or ‘donor databases’ or ‘CRMs’) is a minefield. There are lots of options but they all claim similar functionality, so how do you choose?

The first step is to think about your requirements. However, especially for small and medium-sized charities, many of your requirements will be far from new; they will have been faced by many organisations before you.

In this post I try and...

Follow These 7 Steps to Set up Google + for Your Charity

2 April 2014
In this post Crispin shares a practical guide to setting up Google + for your charity and getting started. He takes us through an initial walk-through of the setup process with loads of tips on content creation, setting up Google Authorship for your bloggers, sharing with circles, checking notifications, getting a custom URL and creating badges to promote your page and gain followers from elsewhere on the web. Google + currently has over 1 billion users and is growing at a rate of 33% per year - following these steps will ensure your charity doesn't miss out.

17 Useful Productivity Hacks For Charities Using IFTTT

11 March 2014

Do you find your day dictated by incoming emails and calls while checking your Twitter feed for notifications, rather than carving out time to get on with tasks like analytics and reporting?

The sheer speed with which new digital communications tools are developing and the expectation that charities are present on many online platforms means it's more important than ever for charity digital marketers to manage their workflow effectively and proactively.


5 Tips for Writing Charity Newsletters with CiviCRM

6 March 2014

CiviCRM is an open source Constituent Relationship Manager that has been designed with non-profits in mind. An underutilised feature of CiviCRM is its newsletter functionality, which allows users to create, manage, and send mailings to mailing lists.

While there are already web-based email clients that allow you to do this, e.g. Mailchimp, the benefit of using CiviCRM is that all of the data is centralised, including your mailings.

In this post Matt looks at five steps for best practice in getting to grips with Civi newslettering.

3 Powerful Productivity Solutions to your Charity's Tech Problems

19 February 2014

This post explores some areas where modern web-based applications can have a significant impact on your charity’s productivity.

Web based technology can make your charity more productive, but it requires a change of mindset.

Just ten years ago, things were very different. Microsoft ruled. If you wrote anything, you wrote it in Word. If you played around with numbers, you started with Excel. If you presented something you divided up your neat...

What Is Open Source Software and What Are Charities Saying About It?

2 February 2014

We love open source software, and all the solutions we create for our clients are based on open source applications. In this post I look at what it is, what its advantages are, and what some other chariites are saying about it.

What is open source?

Open Source Software (OSS) is computer software with its source code available to anyone to study, change and distribute - and for any purpose. This right is granted by the copyright holder, usually the first person to develop...

How Charities Can Get Adobe Software, Virtually FREE

7 November 2013

Non-profit organisations can request free software and hardware to be donated from technology partners through Technology Trust Exchange . This is a truly excellent service offering professional level software, virtually free .*

Naturally there are some criteria to fulfill in order to be eligible. We won’t repeat them here....