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How to Set Up Views and Goals in Google Analytics

29 March 2017

A quick look at how to configure views and goals in Google Analytics for your new website so you can start measuring what's important. There's more detail if your needs are more advanced.

Digital Annual Reports: why to produce them and how to get them done

17 February 2017

The time has come to throw away the paper (by which we mean recycle). Digital annual reports have arrived! Digital Annual reports are a way for charities to spread their story with wider networks. This post gives four reasons why they're great and a bunch of tips about how to actually create them.

How Telling Your Charity's Story Can Strengthen Engagement With Your Website

24 May 2016

When we sit down with a client to discuss a new project, one of the key things we listen out for and integrate into the design and development of their website and digital strategy is their organisational story. This post contains 5 tips on how charities can integrate stories into their websites - with real world examples of this being put into practice.

Email Marketing for Charities: How to Get the Best Results

2 March 2016

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for charities often yeilding higher conversion rates than wider reaching social media activity. Here are some tips to maximise your central email marketing tools.

8 Things to Include in your Charity Brand Guidelines

24 April 2015

Every organisation will have different needs, so the scope of brand guidelines can vary quite a lot depending on the audience they serve. Are they going to be used primarily by your comms team, your wider staff, or by professional designers? The best way to ensure your staff make good use of your guidelines is to only give them the information they actually need. Comprehensive and complicated guidelines can be overwhelming.

Here are our top tips, with examples from our own brand...

7 Steps to Mastering SEO for Your Charity Website

27 October 2014

To many charities SEO can seem both daunting and intangible. In this post Andy looks at why it matters and shares seven steps for getting started.

These 3 Charity Tinder Campaigns Teach 3 Valuable Lessons

14 October 2014

New social media platforms are emerging all the time, and it's useful to investigate how charities are engaging with them. In this post we draw three lessons from three charities using Tinder, the mobile dating app, to campaign.

21 Questions to Ask When Writing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

13 May 2014

Designing a digital marketing strategy can be a daunting task. Here we look at the key questions to be asking throughout the design process and beyond into the implementation stage.

Identify your Organisational Goals

1. What is the overall mission of your organisation?

2. What are your organisational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ?

3. What marketing objectives tie in with the above?

4. What are the...

5 Digital Tools to Increase Event Impact

22 January 2014

The nonprofit sector is great at hosting events - from presentations and training sessions to conferences and volunteer meet-ups.

Here are our top pick of tools to help charities ensure that events are having the maximum digital impact possible, relevant data is gathered and analysed to plan for future events, and the impact of the event lives on beyond the event itself.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the leading event ticketing and...

8 Ways to Improve Your Charity Landing Pages

13 December 2013

At this time of year, with campaigns and festive goodwill in abundance it's more important than ever that your landing pages are as good as they can be.

A landing page, quite simply, is the first page a user sees when visiting your site, the one they land on. This is not always the home page. Links from articles on other sites, social media or advertising campaigns can all take users straight to other pages on your site.

If you are actively...

5 Lessons in Marketing From Charity:Water

29 October 2013

There’s been a lot of publicity about Charity:Water - both good and bad, but there’s no denying the fact they’re leading the way in nonprofit digital communications.

The New-York based organisation were one of the first nonprofits to post a video on Instagram, they are the sixth most followed nonprofit on Twitter in the world, and they are always at the forefront of online marketing.