Blog: Fundraising

How To Take Payments Through Your Charity Website

27 February 2017

Taking online payments is now a core requirement for most organisations. We look at different types of payments such as donations, event bookings, shops and subscriptions and recommend the right solutions for each.

Shopify review: sell things on your charity website

3 January 2017

If you're looking to simply sell items through your existing charity website then the Shopify ecommerce platform is a great, low cost solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

How to Build an eBay Charity Shop Network

29 September 2016

In this post we explore how you can start to generate charity shop funds through eBay without setting up a physical high street presence.

Creating Donation Pages That Work For Your Charity

10 May 2016

If there is any page on your charity website to get right, the donation page is it. But it can be a challenging area because it’s not just about content but also about managing a transaction well. How much do you talk about yourself? How much do you ask for and how often? Do you invest in a fully integrated process of pushing people out to a platform like Just Giving?

Crowdfunding: A Viable Option For UK Charities?

14 December 2015

Fundraising online has grown a massive from $6.1 billion in 2013 to $16.2 billion in 2014. We compare the current big players in Crowdfunding, the costs involved and what we can learn from some of the most memorable campaigns of 2015.

4 Initiatives That Could Change Your Charity Donations

22 September 2015

There's no dispute about the priority of donations in charity objectives. Methods however, are continually evolving and it's important to stay up to speed. This post highlights 4 initiatives that could impact your online donation process.

Top Charity Fundraising & Donor Database Systems Compared

1 October 2014

If you are anything like me the world of charity fundraising software (or ‘donor databases’ or ‘CRMs’) is a minefield. There are lots of options but they all claim similar functionality, so how do you choose?

The first step is to think about your requirements. However, especially for small and medium-sized charities, many of your requirements will be far from new; they will have been faced by many organisations before you.

In this post I try and...

We Donated to 5 Different Charities. This is What Happened.

19 August 2014

It's important to approach charity website design from a user perspective, so this week I decided to test out 5 charities by donating £10 to each. Here are the results, with a slideshow of each stage of the process.

New Research Offers 5 Tips For Engaging With Slacktivism

18 February 2014

Since it was coined in 1995 by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark, the word 'slacktivism' has inspired passionate debate in the nonprofit world.

The presence of slacktivism is a threat to traditional marketing models of engagement, which suggest that a Tweet or a Facebook like are first actions on a ladder of engagement that will eventually lead to donating, volunteering or another act of significant effort to enact meaningful change.

Some have hit back at slacktivism head on, as...

Should Charities Focus More On Stealing Market Share From The Corporate Sector?

7 August 2013

Have you ever wondered whether charities are too focused on competing with each other? Have you ever found it difficult to differentiate one charity from another? Have you ever experienced a wave of disillusionment as the possibility hits you that charity marketing is all a big waste of time and resources that doesn’t really benefit anyone?

I certainly have.

The early stages of my career were firmly in the corporate sector but for the last 5 years I have...